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Interested in knowing more about us? Well here is out story.

WELCOME TO TREEVY, Thanks for changing the world.

Hi, my name is Eve, I started this buissness in 2020. I am now 18, I grew up in a home where snowboarding was second nature. I went back and forth from loving and hating snowboarding but, as I have gotten older I've come to realize it truly is a gift, a moment of peace where all you hear is the snow crackling on your board. I realized how lucky I was to be born into a family that loved it. Which then also made me realize how exspenive it is. Not enough kids are able to enjoy these activites.

Every product sold helps underprivileged kids enjoy the outdoors whether that's hiking, learning to ski or snowboard just as we were able to do. Help us help kids! 

About us - OUR STORY:

Hi everyone <3

My name is Eve and my parents are Carolyn and Chris Kimball! I grew up in a family that absolutley loved the outdoors. I have always felt like I was basically born into snowboarding. I've always been fond of the outdoors making somone smile and feel better. Kind of how the sun makes your skin warm and the cold makes you think of christmas time with your family. Or even video games helping a kid stay out of trouble. 

When I was younger, about 6 my parents would let my brothers friends stay at our house. Mostly because they had no where to go. No father or mother and most importantly needed a little sister (that's me by the way). It was as if it was my parents mission to make sure these kids were okay, even if that meant a big drum kit in the basement, lots of guitar hero, snowboarding and skiing. As time moved on I became the last kid at the house at the age of 13 going through the hardest time of my life.

I was getting bullied at school, didn't really have friends except for my dog. (Which is better than a human anyways). I truly lost the love I had for snowboarding, It wasn't very fun for me anymore at that time. I do remember how nice it felt to put my board on and play in the snow, even if it was for some time alone. My dad didn't let me let go of snowboarding, he told me I had talent and that I will thank him one day for that. I guess that day did in fact roll around, I came out of my slump and did online school, I mostly went snowboarding with my dad too.

I continued to love it more and more, the feeling of fresh powder that dropped the night before. I realized how many kids are probably longing for this feeling, and that's how treevy was born. It started off with paying for kids passes out of our own money, letting them stay with us every weekend and helping with rentals as well. Then asking for designs, and doing pop up events. I realize now more than ever how much of an impact it has made on these kids, and the beautiful relationships I have made throughout it. Even the ones with random people I meet at the pop up shows. 

 Every penny of profit goes towards kids, whether that is skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or some type of mountain environment. We knew that Treevy wouldn't work if we built it as just some revenue stream; we do not take any money as profit from Treevy. It was built to help kids, that's it, end of the story.

We had 2 thoughts when creating Treevy 1. The world can be better. 2. I have the power to make it better.

There is nothing better than watching these kids build confidence and self-love; They are also taught the hard knocks of the mountain. Conquering the mountain helps relieve some of the anxiety that builds in their lives. We may not be able to change what's going on in school, home, or work, but we can give these kids a taste of true serenity, freedom, and peace even if it's for a few days a winter.

This year we were able to afford through Treevy 12 season passes! We have some kids who get 7 days of riding and some who get 50 days or more. We have kids from age 5-18, and of course we still take the 7 brothers that I lived with, who are now 25-30 years of age. All of our kids we take riding the night before will stay with us, we gear them out, we feed them and house them. Most importantly, we give them a safe space to be themselves in without judgment. Each one of them becomes an important piece of our Treevy family forever.

about us - treevy story

We love all of our kids!

If you would like to know more about us, feel free to contact us.