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Interested in knowing more about us? Well here is out story.

WELCOME TO TREEVY, Thanks for changing the world.

We are just 2 kids well now adults that grew up in the Wasatch mountains in Utah, Hiking, skiing, snowboarding is what we love. We noticed a couple of things as we got older, the need for replanting our forests, and secondly not enough kids are able to enjoy these activities.

Every product sold helps underprivileged kids enjoy the outdoors whether that's hiking, learning to ski or snowboard just as we were able to do. The second portion of proceeds goes towards reforestation of our planet.

About us - OUR STORY:

Our story begins over a decade ago when my son was going through a difficult time.I was a very young mother when I was 18; my husband and I were kids raising a kid. We realized what he needed was time with his parents (simple, huh)? But with this fast-paced world we live in, with his father working 60-70 hours a week and myself being a mom to 2 other children that needed time, it is easier said than done.

Whether it was playing video games or getting on the mountain, I, as a mother, dedicated more time to my oldest son. With that time given, many of our son's friends and acquaintances started liking the idea of hanging out and playing video games or skiing, snowboarding, or talking to an adult. Before you know it, we had 10 young adults that would end up living with us. I called them the lost boys, all good kids just needing some direction. We had some kids live with us for a matter of months and some for years until they were ready to move on with hopefully some more knowledge. These kids are still part of our lives, and we love them very much.

I quickly realized that we needed a way to help more kids. In the high-stress level, fast pace, in your face, the world we live in, I knew the mountain was the best place for them, and thus Treevy was born. This took many years to put into action, but we had finally found our niche, and that was kids on the mountain and what they like and wear.

We started by having these same kids start and create the designs, we then started doing a few pop up events. Every penny of profit goes towards kids, whether that is skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or some type of mountain environment. We knew that Treevy wouldn't work if we built it as just some revenue stream; we do not take any money as profit from Treevy. It was built to help kids, that's it, end of the story.

We had 2 thoughts when creating Treevy 1. The world can be better. 2. I have the power to make it better.

There is nothing better than watching these kids build confidence and self-love; They are also taught the hard knocks of the mountain. Conquering the mountain helps relieve some of the anxiety that builds in their lives. We may not be able to change what's going on in school, home, or work, but we can give these kids a taste of true serenity, freedom, and peace even if it's for a few days a winter.

This year we were able to afford through Treevy 12 season passes! We have some kids who get 7 days of riding and some who get 50 days or more. We have kids from age 5-18, and of course we still take (the lost boys) who are now 25-30 years of age. All of our kids we take riding the night before will stay with us, we gear them out, we feed them and house them. Most importantly, we give them a safe space to be themselves in without judgment. Each one of them becomes an important piece of our Treevy family forever.

about us - treevy story

We love all of our kids!

If you would like to know more about us, feel free to contact us.