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Hi, welcome to Treevy: The Mountain Lovers. We sell with a mission to help kids explore the mountains.

Every product sold assists underprivileged children in enjoying the outdoors, whether that's hiking, learning to ski, or snowboarding.

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My Story.

Hi, my name is Eve, I started this buissness in 2020. I am now 18, I grew up in a home where snowboarding was second nature. I went back and forth from loving and hating snowboarding but, as I have gotten older I've come to realize it truly is a gift, a moment of peace where all you hear is the snow crackling on your board. I realized how lucky I was to be born into a family that loved it. Which then also made me realize how exspenive it is. Not enough kids are able to enjoy these activites.

Every product sold helps underprivileged kids enjoy the outdoors whether that's hiking, learning to ski or snowboard just as we were able to do. Help us help kids!

About us
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  • Here is Grant in our Purple Demon Dry Ride.

  • We have Travis rocking our discontinued Black Cthulu Dry Ride.

  • We have Luke in our Black Demon Dry Ride

  • Stockton rocking our Treevy hat