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Treevy's Silhouette Ski & Snowboarding Pullover Hoodie

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The Silhouette Pullover Hoodie is perfect for snowboarding and skiing. 

- Unisex

- Warm & comfortable 

- Heavyweight pullover

About Treevy Silhouette Pullover Snowboarding Hoodie.

Looking for a warm and comfortable hoodie that you can wear while snowboarding or skiing? Look no further than the Silhouette Pullover Snowboarding Hoodie from Treevy. 

It’s unisex, comfortable, and heavyweight so you can stay warm all day on the slopes.

The design on the front is stylish and will keep you looking your best, even when you’re out in the cold.

The Design & Fabric.

This heavyweight pullover is made of soft cotton and comes in two stylish colours. With a cool Silhouette design on the front, this hoodie is perfect for any winter sports enthusiast.

 Collection: Snowboard Hoodies

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Unisex, warm, comfortable, heavyweight pullover hoodie, Silhouette design. Heather grey, sandstone.



Treevy's Silhouette Ski & Snowboarding Pullover Hoodie